Emissions management for leading operators

Our methane exploration platform provides actionable data at a lower cost and higher quality to measure, report, and verify.

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Benefits of the Xplorobot solution

Offering the only cost-effective and labor-efficient solution that precisely localizes methane emissions, accurately measures emission concentration and flow rate, and fully automates the entire data pipeline.

Cost-effective compliance

Reduced inspection costs that enable large-scale deployments

Zero emissions proof

Auditable verification and reporting of emissions reduction

Optimized operations

Detect-repair-verify in one field visit by on-field personnel

Next-gen technology

Digital 3D maps with physics-based measurements for process audits.

In 2022, we helped an operator save +100 tons of methane emissions.

Detection and Quantification

An inspection at the Atlantic Margin Field discovered a methane leak with a concentration of 4800ppm and a flow rate of 3kg/hour.

Autonomous Analysis and Reports

Fugitive emission was instantly reported to the operator and repairs were completed in 24 hours.

Validation of Zero Emissions

Repeat Xplorobot inspection verified the effectiveness of the repairs through auditable 3D maps.

Monetization and No Penalties

Digital records of inspection analyses prove emissions reduction for regulators and clean gas certification.

Certify zero emissions and reach your sustainability goals with Xplorobot

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