How we bring you to the future

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    We analyze your plant to determine the best solutions to enhance your routine operations and maintenance work and to digitize your inspections. We deploy robots from all providers in the market, including SMP Robotics, EXRobotics, Boston Dynamics, ClearPath and others.

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    We build 3D models of your facility and equipment linked to your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). We use robots to create 3D visual, thermographic, acoustic vibration and methane concentration maps and detect deviations from the normal operating conditions on a daily basis.

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    We do not lift your data into any cloud – all the analysis is done on premises and only the results are communicated to your operators and maintenance techs via secure mobile apps and deliver the results to CMMS



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Xplorobot enables your sustainability agenda

Our solution enables identification and elimination of methane leaks in oil and gas infrastructure. We successfully deployed at four facilities, helping the operators to reduce emissions and document compliance.

At any scale

We can acquire data with drones as well as robots to handle even the most difficult to access areas. Our detailed models enable us to detect small changes and anomalies on even the largest of structures.

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